Stoli Catalysts have developed novel methods for catalyst synthesis and binding catalysts to reactor surfaces. This patent-pending technology enables the design and manufacture of catalyst-coated tube reactors for efficient, continuous flow reactions with excellent control of the residence time, high product yield, and selectivity. Our reactors eliminate the need for cumbersome catalyst-product separation.

Catalyst coated StoliFlow tubes

Key benefits

  • Intensified reactions. Control over residence time allows the increase of specific reaction rates up to 8-fold compared to batch
  • Excellent product quality. Rapid mass transfer and precise residence time control provide for reproducible impurity profile
  • No need for catalyst separation. Catalysts are immobilised on the reactor walls allowing for reaction without difficult slurry separation
  • Decreased labour costs. Elimination of repetitive non-productive steps in batch processes allows labour cost savings of 10-60%
  • Improved process safety. Smaller reactor size of the flow reactor dramatically decreases risks associated with the continuous processes compared to batch
  • Lower plant footprint. 24/7 operation in continuous flow and intensified production open a pathway for significant reduction (1-3 fold) in plant footprint
  • Lower energy consumption. Smaller reactor sizes and elimination of heating/cooling cycles provides 2-10 fold reduction in energy consumption compared to batch processes
  • Reduced waste. Use of solvents may be eliminated or reduced thanks to rapid heat transfer
  • Lower capital costs. Smaller equipment size can cut capital costs by 40-65% compared to batch plant

Case Studies