Proof of Concept

System Design, Modelling and Prototyping

With in-house rapid prototyping and 3D printing facilities, we can design and produce quality prototypes and models for testing. We are experts in process automation, modelling and computer aided design to help you at every stage of process or product development. Talk to us to streamline your route to market.

Proof of Concept Projects

Do you have an idea but are not sure if it works or is scalable? We translate ideas into reality whether you are developing a new chemical process, improving the heat exchange rate, scrubbing pollutants, or developing equipment for outer space exploration. We specialise in rapid prototyping and iteration, working closely with our customers.

Alternative Reaction Energy

We explore alternative energy sources for processes and develop radiofrequency (induction) and microwave heating systems to target the energy to the place it is required. We also work with non-thermal plasma processing to address the needs for more efficient and distributed processing systems.

Case Studies