Catalyst Research

No task is too big or too small. We develop catalysts for fine chemical, oil & gas, and polymer industries.

Stoli Catalysts’ modular reactors combined with our rapid-testing facilities allow probing deeper into catalysts for a higher efficiency and selectivity. We create low-loading precious metal catalysts for high efficiency with excellent cost savings! Ask us about your new idea and discuss feasibility, piloting or scale-up projects.

Catalyst Coating

Catalysis in thin coatings eliminates heat and mass transfer limitations, creates new opportunities for intensified reactions and enhances product selectivity.

We are experts in catalyst coatings – conventional (sol-gel coating, grafting, evaporation) as well as proprietary (2 pending patents) techniques. Our catalyst-coated reactor tubes create enhanced productivity in lab-scale hydrogenation. Talk to us about your needs for catalytic coatings.

Kilogram-scale Catalyst Manufacture

Stoli has experience in lab to pilot-scale catalyst manufacture for fast execution of feasibility studies. We have developed and manufactured kilo-scale precious metal catalysts, bimetallic materials, zeolites and others. Talk to us about scaling up your idea.

Case Studies