Innovative Products

Innovative multipurpose flow reactor

Our multipurpose reactor converts any batch process into flow

Cleanliness and precise control for faster, cheaper, and safer chemistry

Our reactor combines benefits of both flow and batch

Benefits in brief

Our reactor improves and simplifies a series of stirred tanks providing all the benefits without their complexities. You already know about batch hydrodynamics – these all apply to our reactor.

Many impellers in small chambers maximise heat & mass transfer for excellent reaction control, high yield, simple reaction cascades and expanded chemistries (exothermic, labile, explosive). The reactor is configurable in minutes for various impellers or reactions. You save on materials, overheads, and labour.


Wetted materials

(3 options)

Hastelloy® C276 / Kalrez / PTFE

316L Stainless steel/ Kalrez / PTFE

Glass / Hastelloy® C276 / Kalrez / PTFE

Temperature-40 to 250 °C (3 temperature zones as an option)
PressureVacuum to 20 bar (100 bar option)
Residence times0.5 to 300 minutes
Cascade reactionsMain liquid feeding with 2 side-feeding arms for reagent sparging or addition to a specific chamber
Reactor volume3 reactor options are available at lab (15-100 mL), kilo (0.15-1 L), and pilot (1.5-10 L) scales
Stirring rates10-1500 rpm (compatible with existing overhead stirrers)
Reactor peripherals

Overhead stirrer (IKA)

Heating fluid circulator – heating or heating/cooling (IKA)

Fluid feeding and metering with Bronkhorst flow controllers and meters; 0.1 mL/min to 10 L/min liquid flow, 1 mL/min to 30 L/min gas flow

Back pressure regulation (Fixed or variable)

Flow reactor gas-liquid bubbles

We are developing a hydrogenation pilot miniplant due to begin pilot tests in 2021. The miniplant aims to produce 100 kg a dayin continuous flow. A modular turnkey reactor system with integrated process control. Contact us to discuss a continuous flow hydrogenation pilot test.