Innovative Products

StoliFlow, catalyst-coated Tube Reactors

​Stoli Catalysts offers lab-scale StoliFlow catalyst-coated tube reactors for rapid catalyst testing and scalable milligram to kilogram laboratory hydrogenation without mass transfer limitations. StoliFlow tube reactors based on platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), or ruthenium (Ru) provide excellent selectivity and eliminate labour-intensive catalyst separation from your product.

StoliFlow tubes easily interface with existing commercial flow equipment such as Vapourtec and Uniqsis systems using standard 1/16” fittings. We also offer bespoke catalysts and tubes in addition to our standard tubes below.

Standard StoliFlow Catalyst-Coated Tube Reactors

The tubes are 316L stainless steel, 5 m long, 1.27 mm ID, 1.59 mm OD and coated with the following catalysts

Catalyst coating
5 wt% Pd/C
5 wt% Pd/SiO2
5 wt% Pd/ZnO
2 wt% Pt/C
2 wt% Pt/SiO2
Catalyst coating
5 wt% Ru/SiO2
5 wt% Ru/C
5 wt% Rh/SiO2
5 wt% Rh/C
12 wt% Pt/C
12 wt% Pt/SiO2

* We have discontinued these products; they may be avaliable on a special request, subject to T&C and availability.

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We are developing a hydrogenation pilot miniplant due to begin pilot tests in 2021. The miniplant aims to produce 100 kg of hydrogenated product per day in continuous flow. A modular turnkey reactor system with integrated process control. Contact us to discuss a continuous flow hydrogenation pilot test.