Efficient Chemical Processes

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Enabling fine chemical production – efficient and sustainable in continuous flow

We are experts in process and catalyst development, catalyst coatings, and continuous flow chemistry.





Expertise & Excellence

Established in 2016 as a Warwick University spinout, we capitalise on our extensive expertise in heterogeneous catalysis and flow chemistry.

Our excellence has been recognised by receiving numerous awards and highly competitive grants such as a £500k Innovate UK grant, participation in the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies competition and the award of a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship.

We are currently scaling-up the continuous manufacturing (with a €1.2M Horizon 2020 SME Instrument grant #848926) to provide sustainable manufacturing of chemicals at a lower manufacturing costs.

Chemical Process Technologies: Batch Reactor

Chemical Process Technologies: Batch Reactor

We have recently created our first series of chemical reactor fundamental videos. In this overview, Dr Joe Socci, discusses the pros and cons of batch reactors by comparing five parameters – flexibility, scalability, reaction control, energy efficiency and catalyst lifetime.

Micra Award Received

Micra Award Received

We were successful in securing a MICRA award that helped us to cover costs of the new laboratory.